Inspired by the Little Brown House

Cool Air and a Warm Welcome

Before it became The Embers, this property, tucked between Rainey Street and Morningside Drive, was home to a little brown house with a front porch overlooking Route 221 and downtown Blowing Rock. In the mornings Stephen and his wife Chris would sit on that porch and sip their coffee, breathing in the crisp mountain air and relishing the cool respite from the rhythms and crowds of city life. When parades and other festivities graced the town, cofounders Stephen and Chris enjoyed a front row seat, soaking in the celebratory spirit of community and connection unique to Blowing Rock. That feeling sparked the idea for The Embers, a unique boutique hotel where guests can relax, reconnect with nature, and feed their inner flames.

The Outdoors Within

Every inch of The Embers is steeped in the spirit of nature: the crackling flames of our enormous log-burning fireplace, our one -of-a- kind bar top carved from semi-translucent Patagonia stone, custom crafted light fixtures made from reclaimed barn beams — every detail is designed to delight. And to honor the splendor of our beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, The Embers’ unique indoor-outdoor design – with balconies off every room and sweeping patioscapes-blends the openness of the outdoors with the cozy refuge of rustic-inspired luxury. Whether you’re settling into the magic of Blowing Rock - or venturing out - The Embers is the perfect place to start.


The Blowing Rock, crystal-studded and time weathered, juts out over the lush Appalachian valley below. No matter the season, no matter the hour, visitors to The Blowing Rock will experience a steady upward draft – a perpetual gust of wind so strong that in winter, the snow “falls” upside down.

Legend has it that the gust beneath The Blowing Rock is more than a meteorological phenomenon, born when a Cherokee hunter fell in love with a Chickasaw maiden from a warring tribe. For months, the lovers met secretly in the woods and mountains, until one evening a strange red glow appeared in the sky, beckoning them to the edge of a cliff where they watched the sky grow crimson, like the color of fresh blood. The Cherokee man saw it a sign and a warning that the Cherokee and Chickasaw nations were preparing for an epic battle. Unable to choose between duty to his people and his love for the maiden, the Cherokee hunter leapt off the rock to the valley below. Stricken, the maiden cried out to the gods of wind, who lifted her lover up and blew him back into her arms again. Reunited in love, they traveled to each other’s lands, using their story to inspire peace between their nations.

To this day, visitors and locals alike will affirm that the energy of Blowing Rock – and the surrounding Blue Ridge mountains is unlike anyplace else on earth. A place where the quiet contains multitudes and the wind speaks volumes, Blowing Rock finds its way into your heart and calls you back again and again.